DRM removal software or iTunes Match

By converting purchased DRM-Protected songs to DRM-Free versions, you can play the song on an Android device, transfer the song to any computer without authorizing that computer with your iTunes account, or upload a song or album to Amazon Cloud Player or Google Play Music. In short, it removes all limitations caused by DRM protection. How to cost-effectively free your iTunes music from DRM protection?

This article will introduce you two options:

Apple Match

All songs offered by the iTunes Store are iTunes Plus and come without DRM protection.

To remove DRM from your previously bought music, you can download the higher quality, DRM-free versions of your songs with a subscription to iTunes Match, which costs $24.99 per year.

Note: The tracks must show as Matched or Purchased in the iCloud Status column in your iTunes library, and the same album or song must still be available in the iTunes Store.

DRM Removal software

iTunesRipper M4P to Mp3 Converter is a Mac DRM removal software to remove iTunes music, audiobook DRM and output MP3, M4A, AAC, etc. with ID3 tags preserved. It can also extracts audio from iTunes DRM movies, TV shows. iTunesRipper DRM removal software costs $39.95 with all free upgrades and technical support.

iTunesRipper DRM removal software runs on your Mac and automatically loads all iTunes files, including music, movies, TV shows, Audiobooks etc. Just check the iTunes files you want to remove DRM and click the Start Convert to batch remove iTunes DRM . Wait for a while and you will get your DRM free media.

m4p to mp3 comverter

Compared with removing DRM with iTunes Match, iTunesRipper Mac DRM removal software is easy to use, fast and efficient. Besides removing iTunes music DRM, it also allows you to remove DRM from iTunes and Audible audiobooks, and extract DRM-free audio from iTunes DRM video.

How to identify what songs have DRM protection? In your iTunes library, choose Songs view, sort by "Kind", those with "Protected" are DRM pretected.

If you do not see Kind, enable it by going to View > View Options.